HVAC Maintenance Service Plans in South Jersey

Performance Tune-Up:

Included in the Comfort Club and Comfort+ Club Plans, our Performance Tune-Up ensures that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency and providing optimum performance. It can help reduce energy costs by as much as 10%, extend the life of your equipment and preserve your rights for equipment still under warranty.

In addition to basic cleaning and inspection, we perform the following services during your Performance Tune-up:

  • Measure and record operating temperatures and temperature changes*
  • Change or clean filters (deluxe or hi-efficiency filters extra)
  • Check operations of relays and contactors
  • Adjust belts and inspect for wear
  • Lubricate and check all motors
  • Prove all safety controls
  • Tighten wiring connections
  • Adjust thermostat, if needed
  • Check condensate drains
  • Perform complete efficiency test using high-tech instruments**
  • Replace thermocouple or nozzle**
  • Clean and adjust burners**
  • Reseal clean-out access**
  • Clean vent pipe and chimney base, if accessible**
  • Measure chimney draft**
  • Report our findings
  • Make recommendations

*Air Conditioning Equipment Only

**Heating Equipment Only

12-Month Guarantee on Repairs:

All repairs performed on covered equipment are guaranteed for one full year from the service date. If the same part malfunctions again during that one-year period, we will repair it at no additional cost.

15% Discount for Repairs not Covered by Service Plan:

If anything not covered in the Service Plan malfunctions during the period listed in your service contract, we will repair it at 15% off the normal rate.

Loyalty Credits:

For every year that you are enrolled in our Comfort Club or Comfort+ Club, you will earn Loyalty Credits that can be used toward the cost of replacing your covered heating or cooling system. Each year, you earn $25 for each piece of covered equipment, to a maximum of $400.

No Charge for Covered Replacement Parts:

If any of the following parts fail in normal operation, while the Comfort+ Club Plan is in effect, we will repair or replace it (our option) at no charge to you:

  • Blower Components*** (Covered by Heating Plan Oct-Apr; Cooling Plan May-Sept)
  • Circulator Relay-Main Zone**
  • Compressor* (During Manufacturer Warranty)
  • Control Modules & Logic Boards
  • Condenser Fan & Motor*
  • Contactors*
  • Line Driers*
  • Door Switch**
  • Draft Inducers & Regulators**
  • Fan Control**
  • Heat Exchanger** (In First 10 Years of Manufacturer Warranty)
  • Limit Controls
  • Metering Device*
  • Oil Shut Off & Gas Valves**
  • Refrigerant* (Maximum 2lb. in 12 Consecutive Months)
  • Relays
  • Safety Controls**
  • Thermostat-Main Zone (Non-Specialty)
  • Transformers

* Air Conditioning Equipment Only

** Heating Equipment Only

*** Up to $500 for Variable Speed/ DC Motor

No Labor Charges for Covered Repairs:

If one of the parts listed above requires additional service, there will be no labor charge for repairs made during normal working hours (Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm, except holidays). Repairs made outside normal working hours will be subject to a nominal charge. [This applies to Comfort+ Club and Water Heater Plans only.]

15% Discount on Accessories:

This discount can be applied to, but is not limited to: humidifiers, high-efficiency air cleaners, energy-saving thermostats, and air conditioner covers. [This discount is available to Comfort+ Club Plan holders only.]